A long overdue activity update

Not having published anything over a span of 15 month does not mean I have been sitting idle. Rock Management, which is my current main passion, is done best in the background.  I prefer to  leave the rather dubious public attention to my Artists. Nevertheless there has been quite a few publicity recently concerning my person.
Most important of course is the April 2017 release of David Gehlke’s 500 page thick book „Damn the Machine – the story of Noise Records “ in the US/UK and Germany. However it came out in Germany  under the  different title „Störfeuer“ (loosely translated as „Harrassing Fire“). I did not approve of this rather strange German title, the German publisher came up with.  I rather would have preferred the much more confrontational English title. The album cover with it’s punkish  stylistik  I find also quite misleading.
It took two years of weekly Skype interviews between myself and the author to get this book monster done. Was it worth it ? In all honesty I have to say no. The German translation of the original English book draft sucks big time. It was done low budget and reads like that. As I had no say here , I was ultimately happy to at least rewrite the bad German translation of all my original English quotes after some struggling with publisher and author. In the beginning I picked up on the book idea as a means to bring my version of the NOISE story and some of the bigger conflicts (especially the Celtic Frost and Helloween controversies) into the public eye. After all my label bands got most of their point of view across in the past by gullible metal journalists. But somehow control over the book was twisted away from me and the resulting book shies away from a strictly personal view of myself as label manager, turning it into a „balanced“, toothless label story.
There are some interersting tidbits to be found, but the edges are missing. A much shorter version would have been more appropriate.
With perfect timing, BMG finally re-issued in 2017 some of the key jewels of the NOISE catalogue such as the CELTIC FROST, KREATOR and HELLOWEEN titles on a worldwide base.
But back to my current activities as Manager:

ALPHA TIGER finally got their forth album out in late Aug. 2017,introducing a new singer after the painful departure of Stephan , 6 weeks into the release of their third album „iDentity“. And what a surprise it is ! Check out the band’s first vido COMAOSE here:

WUCAN from Dresden, with their colourful uncompromising 70s style, also got a new ambitious double album in the pipeline titled „Reap the Storm“, to be released on Sept.29th 2017,followed by a string of Club Headliner shows in Sept/Oct/Nov. supported by various bands such as The Blackberries, Travelin Jack, Wedge and Eat Ghost’s. The band’s first video clip for the song „Ratcatcher“ faced already You Tube’s commercial censorship wrath for „shocking content“and was blocked from any You Tube promotion:

Speaking of Travelin Jack : I helped to give them a second breath of live by securing a label deal with Steamhammer after their promising debut „New World“ was literally buried in the underground. The bands second outing „Commencing Countdown“ came out early Sept. 2017 backed by excellent reviews.

And finally, for those interested, I like to point your curiosity to a two page interview with myself in DEAF FOREVER , published in their Aug. 2017 issue which you find here:

DEAF FOREVER Nr.19_Aug.2017_!.Seite

DEAF FOREVER_Heft 19_Aug.2017_S.2


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