NOISE Records Book project „Damn the Machine“

Finally two writer’s have joined forces and
started working on the history of NOISE Records (Kreator,Celtic Frost,Voi
Vod,Sabbat,Helloween,Gamma Ray,Stratovarius, Coroner etc.). The
working title „Damn the Machine“. Instrumental for bringing this
project to birth was US Journalist David Gehlke, who, together with
Hilmar Bender (KREATOR „Violent Evolution“) convinced me that it’s
overtime to dig deep into my mental archives and uncover the workings
and machinations of a label surviving in a corrupt business world, by
looking beyond the rock glamour as popularised by metal media .The completion
deadline is currently scheduled for spring 2015 with a tentative release in
the 1st quarter 2016. Negotiations with UK/US and German publishers are already underway.


Ein Gedanke zu „NOISE Records Book project „Damn the Machine“

  1. Grosse Klasse! Can´t wait,… your label fed my musical hunger and kept me alive from the hell´s of trendy crap since my pre-teen years. It will always have a special place in my heart. With so little interviews available on the net, It was indeed about time to see the other side of the coin in full detail, as some musicians have bad-mouthed for years label and management,… but firstly (and more important than some cry-babies and backstabers) the great stories that must be behind your interesting life in the industry. Cheers!

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