Creativity for the Masses !

Most recently some academics from Leipzig published the results of a survey at of the internet music activities among 12-19 year old’s.The outcome: a shift away from massmedia such as radio towards YouTube and a leaning towards interactivity. To the surprise of the researchers a good 1/3 of the questioned age group considered themselves musicians for the simple reason that they are working with the music, creating something of their own by using tools for remixing,re-editing etc..or in general playing in a band.
The playstation generation is not used to the coach-potato formula anymore and expects a different degree of entertainment from the new internet media.

Any band who understands this dramatic shift in attitudes towards music „consumption“ will be faced with a real challenge and dilemna. The holy grail of artistic integrety is in question. If you open the flood gates of interactive communication where does this start ?

With preproduction tapes put up for fan commentary ?

With audio-visual studio feeds showing the painful genesis of a given song ?

With agressive involvement of musicians and bands at the recording level, by making available the original music for unlimited forms of re-creation ?

Our german Kraut-Metal band „Die Vorboten“ has choosen the most radical approach here. They just put up the full tracks of their most recent single SCHNELLER (engl.:FASTER) on the Internet and asked everybody interested to come up with a different, improved or better version. Almost everything is allowed.Anybody’s creativity is the limitation. The winner(s) will be selected via fan votes and the first price will be one weekend studio recordings in Berlin or participation on the upcoming SCHNELLER EP for a selected few follow-up winners.Check it out here: (in english) (in german)
To create even more awareness for this unique campaign, they have created an interactive video consisting of 32 audio-visual genre-interpretations of SCHNELLER, from a grind-core version to a lemmy version. A mind-boggling diversity of creative fun.and fun it is – just watch the two links below and you get the message and things will get viral:

Expect the SCHNELLER Video on YOUTUBE by August 10th! And enjoy !


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